Top Deck Replacement

We Restore Decks provides Top Deck Replacement for old decks in need of a little freshening up.

Once a pressure treated pine deck reaches 15+ years of age it starts to show is age by becoming brittle, rough and splintery. Sometimes “pressure wash abuse” is the cause of premature deterioration. Another problematic condition is “wood rot” caused by decay fungus. Normally when the deck’s surface gets to this condition, normal cleaning and staining won’t do much more than temporarily give it a cleaner appearance. Usually a staining treatment, at this point, only lasts a very short period of time because the woods surface is porous and collects environmental deposits much faster.

For those who enjoy the look and feel of a “natural wood deck” we recommend a top deck replacement in leu of deck resurfacing. Solid stain finishes take away from the natural beauty of a well crafted wooden deck.

We Restore Decks uses only premium grade lumber, top rated coated fasteners and superior carpentry skills when performing this service. Your new/ old deck will shoot back to life and be ready for another 20 years of use. During the removal of the old lumber we will inspect for any decay fungus attack to the existing framing or substructure. If joists are to be repaired or replaced we will make recommendations at this point before proceeding. We find (more often than not) that the substructure framing is in good shape and can be re-used because it’s been protected by the decking on top.

You’ll be amazed at our ability to blend the old structure with the new wood. This is partly due to our understanding of chemicals and wash treatments in removing old finishes from the existing framing and or railing system. After installation of the new lumber we will allow the wood to acclimate before applying our oil wood preservative treatment. Our oil treatment sets the stage for a sustainable natural wood finish that is easy on the pocketbook to maintain. After this point, a gentle cleaning and retreatment every two to three years ensures a beautiful and well-protected deck. Our oils dive in deep to the wood nourishing from the inside out, keeping the wood like new, year after year.

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