Pressure Washing Services

We Restore Decks offers a variety of professional pressure washing services. We have been providing exterior cleaning service in the Maryland DC area for over 10 years.

What we can clean and what we cannot:

Low Pressure House-Wash Before/After(click spot on image to see difference)

Give your whole house a bath. Our method of house washing is recommended by PWNA Pressure Washers of North America. This safe and environmentally friendly method of cleaning is very effective for use with: aluminum siding, vinyl siding, painted or stained wood siding, windows, aluminum trim and gutter. We use an injection nozzle to spray a specialized foaming solution onto the walls of the house. The solution gently cleans and brightens removing algae, mold, dirt, tree sap, hydrocarbons and other environmental deposits. Your house will have never looked so clean!

High Pressure Cleaning

Our powerful equipment and knowledge allow us to quickly clean any patio, driveway, pool surround, walkways, brick, stone or masonry wall structure with ease.

Vinyl or Composite Deck Cleaning

Vinyl/Composite Deck Cleaning Before/After(click spot on image to see difference)

Stubborn mold, algae, or environmental deposits are no trouble for us to remove. Most composite decks and vinyl rail systems come out looking brand new.

*We do not Clean Roofs* Sorry, we leave this to the specialty roof cleaning pros because they have the equipment to be way more efficient and effective.

Deck restoration customers:

*Along with every deck restoration project we always clean the walls surrounding the deck using our low pressure cleaning technique. You may want to ask, however, for a free estimate on a complete house-wash in unison with a deck restoration. We will be glad to provide you with that information.