About We Restore Decks

We help preserve the value of your home. Your deck and fence are the most valuable assets that "frame" your home. We are specialists in wood deck and fence repair, restoration, beautification, & preservation.

With a desire to provide real value to homeowners, an acute attention to detail and a passion for outdoor living spaces, Jonathan Shambarger and the team at WeRestoreDecks will surely provide you with the best service available in maintaining and beautifying your deck. Starting off as carpenty major in vocational High school, Jonathan has gathered an array of experience throughout a 15 year span all dealing within the home construction and maintenance sector for the Washing DC Metro Area. From framing new construction homes, to managing projects for 2 of the largest home remodelors in the area, Jonathan has had not only the physical, hands on, experience but he's also had the opportunity to work directly with thousands of homeowners understanding their wants and needs. In addition to this Jonathan's passion and knowledge of wood is an integral part of the value he brings to your project by explaining what needs to be done to revitalize, beautify and preserve your wood for many years... at very competitve prices.

  • An intimate knowledge of wood and a perfectionist's approach to the task at hand, are fundamental requisites in knowing how to care for your wood, your home, and your neighbor´s property.
  • We ensure that your wood gets the proper treatment to revitalize it and preserve it´s natural beauty for many years. We are obsessed with achieving the best possible results for our customers.
  • Mr. Shambarger´s life and business success has been built on the characteristcs of dependablity, trust, mutual respect, and integrity.
  • All estimates are performed in person, by Woody Tayman or Jonathan Shambarger. This way we can apply the same passionate attention to detail for every deck and every customer, from start to finish.
  • Decks are wood. Pressure washers (people) come in many varieties. Just because someone has a pressure washer, doesn't mean you should let them work on your deck. This includes you. Few pressure washers know much about wood, though all make claims to the contrary. An exellent knowledge of wood is critical to achieve OUTSTANDING RESULTS with your deck or fence. Outstandng results are OUR SPECIALTY.

So get your favorite beverage, a snack and settle in for a visit to our FAQ section for detailed answers to your most frequeintly asked questions. There´s a wealth of information on wood, stains, and procedures for your consideration. Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery and what some of our customers have to say about us.

For a free estimate for your very important project, click here, or if you prefer, call Jonathan He´ll promptly provide you a detailed written estimate for the work to be done in a warm and friendly manner. Price guaranteed!

Please call: (410) 263-6270